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Villa Neféli

Roa Real Estate is focused on developing luxury residential properties in domestic and international growth markets.

Our thesis is simple: there is tremendous value and investor upside potential to focus on rapid growth markets that carry significant development burdens and difficulties. We have built a complex global network of partners and operations that allow us to overcome these obstacles and unlock value in the luxury residential market.

EU Luxury Growth Fund

Role: Managing Partner
Location: London, UK
Financing: Private office
Geographies: Growth luxury markets in Eastern Europe

Chicago Luxury Development Fund

Role: Limited Partner
Location: Chicago, IL
Financing: Private office
Geographies: Chicago, IL

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Current Developments:



Villa Nefeli
6 room luxury villa

Villa Calypso
7 room luxury villa

Villa Danaë
13 room luxury villa


N Michigan High-Rise
Chicago, IL USA